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APC runs the Firefox OS, built for keyboard and mouse input. A basic selection of applications is preinstalled. Also included is a full set of consumer I/O ports, enabling APC to connect to your PC monitor or TV. Learn more

APC in the Fox Den @ MWC 2014

Mozilla Booth @ MWC 2014

Mozilla Booth @ MWC 2014

The Fox Den inside the Mozilla both at Mobile World Congress 2014 was a popular spot for developers, media and industry players where they had the opportunity to learn more about the future direction of Firefox OS through a number of closed sessions.

Fox Den @ MWC 2014

Fox Den @ MWC 2014


APC Paper and Rock were featured in their “Firefox OS Beyond the Smartphone” session where Mozilla highlighted their future plans for the OS. Mozilla expressed their excitement at the progress which is being made with Firefox OS on APC and the contribution it will play for future developments. The example of how APC and the Mozilla community have worked together to add in features for a desktop environment provides a great example of how innovation can occur in the open source world and deliver benefits for others. 

APC in the Fox Den @ MWC 2014

APC in the Fox Den @ MWC 2014

Also during the session Mozilla introduced their Firefox OS tablet contribution program which VIA has partnered in offering 7″ VIA Vixen tablets to those who wish to help work on defining the Firefox OS experience on a tablet. More information can be found in the Mozilla Hacks blog.

VIA Vixen Tablets in the Fox Den @ MWC 2014

VIA Vixen Tablets in the Fox Den @ MWC 2014

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Fix an issue, get a free APC

In order to drastically speed up the development of Firefox OS on APC we are giving away an APC for any development that can fix issues with the label Free APC in our GitHub repository.

If you’re interested, just send us a pull request. When validated, we will send you a free APC.

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