Frequently Asked Questions

APC General Questions

Can I operate APC without a case?
Yes, APC 8750 and APC Rock can operate un-housed but if you desire a case for added protection it has been designed it to fit any standard Mini-ITX or microATX case on the market, providing a ready supply of affordable options for users.
Does APC support touch screens and touch functions?
No, APC has been designed to be used with a mouse and keyboard for better productivity on a large screen monitor.
What is APC?
APC is a fundamental redesign of the PC that enables you to connect to the Internet and run productivity, connectivity, and entertainment apps. Based on the Neo-ITX form factor, APC developer boards (APC 8750 & APC Rock) are small and compact and can be housed in any standard Mini-ITX or microATX chassis. With a full set of consumer I/O features, APC can be connected to a monitor or TV and plugs into a keyboard and mouse.
What is the size of APC?
APC 8750 and APC Rock are based on the Neo-ITX form factor, which measures just 17cm x 8.5cm. APC Paper comes in a unique recycled cardboard case measuring 20cm x 10cm x 2.8cm.

Apps & Plugins

Does APC support Adobe Flash?
APC does not come pre-installed with a Flash player and we do not officially support any third party plug-ins.
Does APC support App “X”?
APC comes pre-loaded with a selection of apps for the Firefox OS and includes access to the Firefox Marketplace to download more which can be Apps save on APC. However not all apps in the Marketplace are currently supported.

Audio & Video

Does the HDMI port have Audio and CEC?
The HDMI port supports 2 channel stereo audio. Please check GitHub for audio issues under Firefox OS.
What is the maximum video resolution APC supports?
APC hardware is designed to support video resolutions up to 720p, however this not met under the current build of the Firefox OS for APC and can be found in our list of Known Issues on GitHub.
What multimedia codecs are supported?
APC supports MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, VC1 and H.264 video codecs. For APC Paper and Rock please refer to the known issues on GitHub for codec support.

Buying & Shipping

How much does APC cost?
The price of APC is as follows: * Prices do not include shipping and handling fees.
Is it possible to become an APC distributor/reseller?
Please contact us directly for more information at:
What is included in APC?
APC Paper includes the system housed in a uniquely designed cardboard chassis and a 13.5W, 12V/1A power  adaptor with interchangeable US and European plug heads. APC Rock includes the system and a 13.5W, 12V/1A power adaptor with interchangeable US and European plug heads. Case is not included. APC (8750) includes the system and a 13.5W, 9V/1.5A power adaptor. Case is not included.
Where can I buy APC?
You can purchase APC directly from this website. We ship all over the world.

Peripherals & Connectivity

Are there any GPIO, SPI, or UART connections on the board?
APC Rock and APC Paper both include GPIO, SPI, UART and I2C onboard connections. The original APC (8750) does not include any GPIO, SPI or UART connections.
Does APC support dual display?
APC does not officially support dual display.
Does APC support WiFi?
APC Rock and APC Paper support WiFi through USB dongles featuring the following chipsets:
  • Ralink RT3070, RT5370, RT3572 and RT5572
  • Realtek RTL8188 (US)
APC (8750)  supports WiFi through USB dongles featuring the following chipsets:
  • Ralink RT3070 or RT5370 chipset
Will peripheral “X” work with APC?
Other than keyboards, mice and the specified USB WiFi dongles, we do not offer support for other peripherals. We are working towards improving this.

Power & Operating Temperatures

Can I use direct current (DC) to power APC?
Yes, APC can handle between 9v to 12v DC.
Is APC low-power enough to run off a PoE switch port or a USB port?
No, APC can only be powered through the adaptor.
Is there another way to power APC besides the power adaptor?
Yes, there is a four pin Molex port which can be used to power APC.
What is the power consumption of APC?
APC consumes 4 watts when operating at idle power and 13.5 watts at maximum load. This is ten times less than a standard PC system and ensures significant power savings in large scale deployments.
What is the safe operating temperature range of APC?
The safe operating temperature range is from 5 to 45 degrees Celsius.
Where does the power come from? Do I have to buy that separate or will this work right out the box?
APC Paper and Rock come with a 13.5W, 12V/1.5A power adaptor and APC 8750 comes with a 13.5W, 9V/1.5A power adaptor (When purchased through the website). Just plug it in and the system runs. (APC Rock and APC Paper ship with standard US and European head adaptors.)
Why does the time reset when I disconnect APC’s power?
For APC (8750), the time resets as there is not a battery on-board. As long as you have an Internet connection though, the time will be automatically updated when you restart. For both APC Rock and APC Paper this is not an issue as they come with an on-board battery.


Does APC support other operating systems
Our own efforts are focused on developing and supporting a stable, high-quality Firefox OS-based system. However, our hardware is  unlocked with kernel and bootloader available for download in the APC Library.
Firefox OS for APC
APC Paper and APC Rock run Firefox OS which is currently under heavy development. A full list of known issues can be found on GitHub. APC 8750 runs a customized version on Android 2.3.
If the internal flash gets corrupted, leading to a non-booting system, is there a way to recover?
Yes, we firmware images are available for download in the APC Library section. Included in the firmware image downloads are Read Me files with step by step instructions.

Storage & Memory

Can I add extra RAM? Are there any DIMM or SIMM slots on APC?
No, it is not possible to upgrade the RAM on APC. There are no additional DIMM/SIMM slots.
Does APC support SATA or plug and play hard drives through the USB ports?
It is possible to add a hard drive through USB as long as it is FAT or FAT32. APC does not have any onboard SATA connectors. USB drives under Firefox is on the list of known issues on GitHub.
What is the max capacity for the microSD?
The max capacity for the microSD card is 32GB, allowing you to add ample storage space.


APC Board Will Not Boot
If your APC will Boot, we suggest the follow checks to restore your board. 1. Make sure power is connected. 2. If your system will not boot, re-install with the latest firmware which is available in the library. (Step by step instructions are included with the download.) 3. If your APC will still not boot after re-installing with the latest firmware, your bootloader in the SPI ROM may be corrupted meaning you need to re-flash it with the SPI Rescue ROM. In order to do this you will need an SPI programmer and another computer. The SPI Rescue ROM's for all APC products are located in the library along with a detailed tutorial explaining how to go about it.