Known Issues

Updated: August 10, 2012
Micro SD card disappears
  • Due to USB devices being plugged into the USB0 and USB1 slots at the same time. We do not have a fix at this time.
Browser always crashes first time it is launched
  • Software issue. We are working on a fix.
Debugging (adb, ...)
  • After setting the jumpers correctly, you must disconnect the power and restart
Missing drivers (source) from Kernel
  • We are working on improving our kernel with our vendors.
APC won't recognize SDcard after booting.
  • Need to eject and reinsert
Downloads default to internal memory
  • There is no option to choose USB or microSD at this time.
APC won't boot without HDMI or VGA connected.
  • Currently if you attempt to boot without HDMI or VGA connected before hand APC will crash. (even if you connect after powering on) If your APC has no display please make sure you have connected HDMI or VGA before attempting to power on.
Default Resolutions for VGA and HDMI
  • Currently APC is not able to auto-detect the best resolution to match your monitor. APC default resolutions are set as 1024 x 768 for VGA and 1280 x 720 for HDMI. If you wish to manual change the resolutions to match your monitor, it can be done through the uboot.
  • You can add a uboot command for display resolution: wmt.display.param<type>:<op1>:<op2>:<resx>:<resy>:<fps or pixelclk>      {note: type 4 is HDMI and type 7 is VGA}
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: If you choose to set a fixed resolution it will become the default. So if you set a fixed resolution for HDMI then APC will not be able to detect VGA input any longer. You can add a second parameter, wmt.display.param2 <type>:<op1>:<op2>:<resx>:<resy>:<fps or pixelclk>to detect VGA but the resolution will default to the HDMI resolution you set. (or vice versa, which ever you enter first)
  • So for example to set HDMI resolution to 1280 x 720 the command would be: wmt.display.param 4:6:1:1280:720:60
  • *Please note that if you wish to set resolutions higher than the default we can not guarantee they will function correctly due to performance limitations.
  • If you want the default settings back you can cancel your uboot display command by entering wmt.display.param and wmt.display.param2 (if you set two).
Reflashing APC 8750 back to v1.00 from v1.02
  • Currently if you wish to reflash your APC 8750 back to V1.00 from V1.02 you must be sure that you have an HDMI connection as VGA will not work at this time.