A Bicycle For Your Mind

Like Jobs and Gates, we believe the PC is one of the most remarkable tools humans have ever created. Great tools improve with time. They don't go away. Many common computing tasks, such as number crunching, data storage, and communications have shifted to the Internet. As a result, a very low cost computer – with access to the Internet – can be just as valuable as a much more expensive computer. APC was born from our love of computers and our realization that the PC needs a fundamental redesign. The redesign that we offer is a computer that is more accessible, and more valuable, because you're not paying for functions that you don't need and won't be using.
Steve Jobs and Bill Gates
Photo George Lange/Contour by Getty Images

The Launch of APC

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Hello World

Simple, inexpensive computers for people wanting to connect to the Internet without the need to run specific Windows applications.

Richard Brown introduces APC at TED@Shanghai