APC Laser Cut Cases on Sale

Updated: September 28, 2012
In case you have not been following the forum lately, one of our frequent contributors and key developer for the Raspbian port, Mike Thompson, has come up with a very sleek, custom laser cut acrylic case for APC. Mike is selling them as an experiment and lesson for his children in the world of online retail and entrepreneurship.

Created by Raspbian developer, Mike Thompson

"Inspired by similar cases for the Raspberry Pi, I designed this case for my own APC as I work on the Raspbian/Debian OS port for the APC.  It snaps together with no glue, screws, or other fasteners, and is quite sturdy -- assembly instructions are here.  I thought others might like to have the same case for their APC and it's now being sold as a family project to teach my kids about design, manufacturing and online selling of items (my wife and I are learning as well).  By giving them the small profit on these cases, my secret hope is they'll be inspired to create and sell their own products -- we'll see :-)," Mike Thompson. The cost is  $20 + $5 ($US) shipping in single unit quantities and is currently only available in for shipping to the US but depending on demand from the International crowd they may come available elsewhere! To order yours go to: http://easycases.miiduu.com/ Also be sure to check out the thread in the forum for more details. To learn about the Raspbian port for APC, check here.