APC Case Design Inspiration

Updated: November 9, 2015
We have put together a collection of some of the cases the community has dreamt up for APC. There has been a wealth of creativity around APC and  the small form factor of Neo-ITX,  from simple efficient designs to full blown pieces of art. We hope you draw as much inspiration from these designs as we have. Acero by Jeffrey Stephenson    The latest from famed case modder Jeffrey Stephenson is named Acreo, which is Italian for Maple. Using Birdseye maple and black acrylic as his choice materials, Acero is a simple modernist design which is supposed to be a stylized tower case with  top and front vents, button placement and acrylic side window features. Check out all of slipperyskip's builds here. Little Red Box by Mexel    The "Little Red Box" from Holland modder Mexel is based on a Nexus Psile Mini-ITX case which he has tricked out with custom windows and lighting effects. This build was dedicated to his daugther to enjoy Angry Birds on their living room TV. Check out other mods from Mexel here. Yoshi by thechoozen    Based on one of Super Mario's beloved friends, Yoshi, thechoozen has come up with this amazing build. Be sure to check out the link to the forum for a step by step of its creation. Arcade Machine with APC running MAME by Dancemammal    Dancemammal had a true vision for their APC, create a home arcade machine to enjoy the classics they way they were meant to be played. For those who wish they could have this at home as well, you are in luck as Dancemammal has begun selling the arcade cabinets for only £70+ postage. Check out a video of his build with APC running MAME. Acrylic Case by Mike Thompson    "Inspired by similar cases for the Raspberry Pi, I designed this case for my own APC as I work on the Raspbian/Debian OS port for APC. It snaps together with no glue, screws or other fasteners ans is quite sturdy - assembly instructions are here. I thought others might like to have the same case for their APC and it's now being sold as a family project to teach my kids about design, manufacturing and online selling of items (my wife and I are learning as well.) By giving them the small profit on these cases, my secret hope is they'll be inspired to create and sell their own products -- we'll see!" Mike Thompson. Cost is $20 US plus $5 dollars for shipping. US only at this time. To order yours go to: http://easycases.miiduu.com/ Laser Cut Case by wim    Wim designed a wooden case for which he used a laser cutting tool for precision and the burnt edge effects. The final touch was the inclusion of an industrial looking power button. His case ended up being about the same size as the original packaging. Laser Cut Acrylic Case by WIP [tentblogger-youtube HKkAc_WuCWg] WIP also used a laser cutter to craft his case but used acrylic instead of would as his material of choice. His case design really benefited from the use of the laser cutter to include the custom etchings. If you would like one of your own be sure to drop WIP a message as he is contemplating whether or not to go into manufacturing. The Netbook Case by Icesnake    "My original plan was to put the APC into a flag case I got from Michael's (a craft store) a few years ago. Well, that case is ridiculously huge in comparison to the APC's circuit board, so then I thought, hey, I have a dead thin client, I'll use that case. Nope. Still huge. So today I went shopping, and I took the cardboard box that the APC ships in along with me for a size check. What I ended up with is a retro-style box made to look like a book (which will fit nicely in my Victorian-themed library," Icesnake. 47¢ APC Case by Bangster    Utilizing an old plastic storage bin he had lying around the house, Maxwell put his Dremel tool to good use to create this nifty case. As a bonus, the power supply and wires can be tucked inside for easy storage  when not in use. APC Packaging as Case by Len and Cyzen And finally, a few of the first members to join the forum and receive their APC's recognized how easy it would be to use the actual packaging as a case until they had time to find a proper one. Be sure to keep the amazing designs coming and to share them with us in the forum.