APC Boot Camp First Meet Up

Updated: November 10, 2015
Last night was the first meet up for the APC Boot Camp participants at Yushan Ventures YSeed Coworkspace, here in Taipei. This was our chance to check in with the teams to see what progress  they have made since the kickoff weekend and for them to raise any issues they are facing. To begin the evening, we invited David Kuo, founder of WizXpand, to lead an accelerated workshop on Project Management and how to run a lean Startup, focusing on how to open up clear and effective communication within the team. The teams were taken through some exercises aimed to help teams identify what they need to do more of and what they need to eliminate from their interactions to move their project forward. The teams were very engaged and resulted in some excellent progress for all. After the workshop ended each team shared their progress with the group. It is amazing to see what they have accomplished in such a short time.

Here is David in action during the first APC Boot Camp meet up.

The next scheduled meet up is just after Chinese New Year on February 20th. Stay tuned for more details as the teams continue to build towards a working prototype.
BioGuard App team members working on their messaging.

BioGuard App team members working on their messaging.

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