APC 8750 Rides the Bus

Updated: November 10, 2015

Owner of goEuropa, Wojciech Kulesza, has been kind enough to share how his company has utilized APC 8750 boards to create a digital signage solution for Kombus, a public transport bus operator in Poland. Read on...

Case study: passenger information, multimedia displays and Wi-Fi in public transport bus operator Kombus, Poland

Kombus is a public transport bus operator in the city of Poznan Metropolis region. With an average journey time of around 20-25 minutes ,  Kombus was looking for solutions that would make the trip duration more pleasant and at the same time more productive for its passengers. goEuropa came up with a concept to install LCD screens, connect them into a network and utilize the platform to communicate both travel and other information with passengers.


The digital signage platform consists of following items: - APC 8750 boards running Android OS - 22” LCD matrix with VGA output - Solid metal case with vandal proof glass - 3G router to allow internet connectivity for Mini PCs and for passengers (WiFi on board)

Use of APC 8750

APC 8750 boards were perfect for satisfying the thin client needs of the project, as they include both an Ethernet port to connect to the 3G/UMTS router as well as VGA to connect the LCD screens. Further, 12V is the same power as the LCD matrix, so one transformer was used to convert the 24V power supply that exists in public transport bus to power up all electronic devices of the digital signage platform.

APC 8750 boards were mounted inside of the solid metal case, where the LCD screen is located, allowing the whole equipment to be safely stored away from rough weather conditions and potential damage/theft.The metal case has a lock-secured opening, which is used for servicing APC without the need of removing it.

The first photo below shows the placement of APC and transformer, both attached to solid metal case, using screws. All connections are visible, including power (a jumper has been placed in order for the APC to be powered automatically), VGA, USB, Ethernet. the other photos show the LCD screen with APC installed and booting as well as the final installation on one of the buses.

goEuropa APC Installation goEuropa LCD Monitor with APC 8750 goEuropa Kombus Digital Signage Solution with APC 8750 Current use of platform

The LCD screens are in the first phase of usage, where commercial messages are displayed along with Kombus special announcements. Messages include headlines from the region, country, weather forecasts and other content. Initial feedback from passengers indicates they welcomed the solution positively, as they enjoyed watching the content and be able to browse the web while travelling with Kombus buses. They also pointed out that real-time information on their onward journey would be of great benefit.