APC as a Connected Client

Updated: November 10, 2015

Building on the excellent work for the Apricot image by Mike Thompson and Royal Panda, ThinPC based in India has developed their own ThinPC OS  to create connected clients using APC. ThinPC OS is an embedded OS which allows users to connect and use the programs and resources of a local or remote server.

From ThinPC We have implemented two versions of ThinPC OS for APC. Basic OS :  

The basic OS provides connectivity options to Windows & Linux Servers and allows for the configuration of the local network and server settings to be able to connect to multiple servers simultaneously. Users can also connect to VNC servers either locally or through a remote location via the Internet. There is also the ability to broadcast the server screen to multiple users, this will be especially useful in a classroom environment where a teacher's computer screen can be viewed by all students using connected APC clients.

Advance OS : 

The advance OS is based off of the Apricot distribution created by Mike Thompson and Royal Panda's work and contains additional features to the Basic OS including software for browsers, Softphone, CUPS-Printing, xpdf viewer, and notepad. Users can use a  local browser to surf the net & also connect to ERP Packages.

Connect to Server Server Profile    Windows 8