APC @ Droidcon Berlin 2013

Updated: November 10, 2015

This past Sunday Droidcon Berlin 2013 (April 7th-10th) kicked off the first of 9 confirmed Droidcon 2013 events at the Kosmos Berlin in the heart of Germany´s capital city. For those unfamiliar with Droidcon, it is a developer conference and B2B market place aimed at exposing the best of Android.  Currently in its  fifth year of existence, Droidcon covers all aspects of the Android ecosystem from mobile devices, to TV, to cars, to gaming, and so much more.

Droidcon Berlin Entrance

Entrance to Droidcon Berlion 2013

This year, Droidcon Berlin 2013 added a new twist to the event with the inclusion of the start-up ecosystem to the Barcamp which ran on Monday April 8th. Christian Caldarone of VIA  was in attendance and gave a presentation entitled "Get the Manufacturing Back to Europe." His presentation focused on the tenants of our APC Boot Camp and discussed how entrepreneurs can explore open hardware platforms, such as APC, to build new connected devices with value added services, use digital fabrication technologies, such as 3D printing, to quickly and cost effectively create prototypes and leverage crowdfunding to validate their concepts and begin raising capital.

During his presentation, he was joined on stage by Friedger Muffke, one of the Droidcon Berlin team members, who showed off an APC based NFC voting station they had built for the event.

Droidcon Berlin wraps up today with Droidcon Tunis 2013 , April 26th to 28th, 2013 as the next on the list.

Here are some more images from the event.

APC Presentation

Friedger Muffke and VIA's Christian Caldarone

NFC Voting Machine (Large)

Close up of the APC based NFC voting machine created by Friedger and his team

Friedger Muffke and Christian Caldarone

Friedger and Christian on stage at Droidcon Berlin 2013

Droidcon Berlin Poster (Large)

Droidcon Berlin 2013 poster