APC 8750 as a PC-Fi Audio System

Updated: November 10, 2015

As more and more audiophiles are looking to turn their PCs into Hi-Fi audio systems, CK from Korea has shared his simple solution of using an APC 8750 to create a PC-Fi Audio System for streaming his music. As CK points out when using a laptop or desktop PC you must deal with extra noise from power supplies, internal fans and graphic cards as well as a potential lack of system resources due to other programs running. Many of these issues can be overcome by using a low cost APC 8750 as it does not have an integrated power supply or any fans, there are minimal integrated devices and provides the option of using Linux (Apricot build for APC 8750) to leverage open source software.

Concept of PC-Fi

In order to get his PC-Fi system working with premium sound quality he was able to develop an optimized Linux OS based on Mike Thompson’s Apricot build with an integrated USB DAC which would not have been possible without the support from the navercafe audiostudy manager (forum manger), Linuve. (Naver is the most popular internet site in Korea with a number of “cafes” where members share information and experiences on a wide variety of topics.)

CK's APC 8750 PC-Fi system includes: APC Apricot + Kernel 2.6.32-9 + ALSA 1.0.25 + Network Storage Support

APC 8750 for PC-FI

CK uses his APC 8750 PC-Fi system as a home music streamer with the ability to access content stored on his PC and NAS Server to be played on his choice of speakers. With the use of Droid MPD (Music Player Daemon) client he can use his smartphone or PC as a remote control to play music, control the volume and create playlists.

APC 8750 Wooden Case (Medium)

To house his system, CK used one of the 20 unique wooden cases built by another Naver member, Camillo. Home A big thanks to CK for sharing this project with us and hope to see more interesting application stories from the Naver Community in the future.