Web Teach Uses APC Rock for Remote Teaching in Taiwan

Updated: November 10, 2015

Web Teach Logo

A group of young social entrepreneurs in Taiwan have come up with a great use for APC Rock.  The three co-founders Alan Haung, Andrew Lin and Fred Chen have created a program called Web Teach, which is focused on creating equality in the education offered across all schools in Taiwan, specifically tackling a fundamental problem in reaching students in remotes areas. Their solution is to use the Internet to provide online teaching of supplemental courses and material to the students located in areas who do not have the same advantages as students in the major cities.

"As employers are increasingly looking for college graduates with real-world work experience we aim to use college students for our online tutors. This will provide  the tutors with valuable work experience as well as provide motivated instructors for the children in the program," said Alan Haung, co-founder of Web Teach.

In order to make this happen, they have created low cost systems around APC Rock to stream the content in the classrooms and added webcams and micrphones to allow interaction between students and teachers. They have already successfully tested the model and are ready to begin implementing it across Taiwan.

"In Taiwan, education is still unfair for many students and we hope we can change it. This is our dream, our mission, our goal," said Fred Chen, co-founder of Web Teach.

Setting APC Rock for Class.

Setting Up APC Rock for Class.

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