APC at Mozilla Summit 2013, Toronto

Updated: November 10, 2015

On the weekend of October 4-7, the Mozilla Summit 2013 was held in three locations including Santa Clara, California, Brussels, Germany and Toronto, Canada. The summit was held to bring developers from around the world together to connect with each other, align around the Mozilla mission, and create a shared vision of the future.

On location in Toronto was student and Mozilla User Advocacy volunteer, Joshua Smith. Joshua was one of the first Mozilla community members to begin working on Boot 2 Gecko for APC and had a running demo on APC Paper in his booth. For almost everyone in attendance, this was their first chance to see APC running the preview release of Boot 2 Gecko.

APC @ Firefox Summit 2013 Toronto

Joshua was kind enough to share his experience at the Summit, and the reaction from other community members who stopped by his booth.  Read on to hear all about it:

The sound of clapping greeted my ears. I scrambled to tape up the last poster. Soon, the doors opened, and a crowd of around six-hundred Mozillians rushed into the show hall.  My booth was soon being mobbed with computer gurus.

The APC booth at the Mozilla Innovation Fair was a huge success. There were many ideas that surfaced including using APCs to power kitchens, bikes, and smart TVs.  There was also a general feeling of surprise at the speed of Firefox OS on a device with only 512 MB of memory.  Interested geniuses benchmarked the performance with sites such as Netflix, Youtube, and Mozilla Voices. Each time, they were stunned.

I gave away five APCs at the end of the fair, and it was hard to see the disappointment of those who didn't win. B2G + APC had stolen their hearts, and they won't rest until they obtain one.

There is still much to be done, but B2G + APC has the potential to take us “where no one has ever gone before!"

Sounds like it was a great event, and we look forward to hearing more feedback from the community going forward. To check out the current status of bugs and fixes for Boot 2 Gecko for APC, please visit GitHub.