OTA Update Available for APC Rock and Paper

Updated: January 29, 2014
We are pleased to announce the latest Firefox OS build V1.03.01 for APC Rock and Paper is now available for OTA update. Please refer to the change log for details. V1.03.01 Change Log:
  • Updated to the new Mozilla code from 2013.12.25 (gecko & gaia)
  • Enabled hardware key repeating
  • Support for NTFS external HDD/USB storage - Fixed finished tutorial screen so we can swipe up to close the window
  • Support for USB camera and USB camera hot plug. Please note that due to update to the new Gecko from Mozilla (2013.12.25) the camera preview screen will keep splashing when mouse is moved.
  • Support for generic USB Bluetooth dongles
  • Integrated Realtek 8723 Bluetooth/WiFi combo dongle drivers. WiFi function does not work yet, you can only scan the available networks, but cannot connect to a network.
To see all the current work going on with Firefox OS for APC Paper and APC Rock please visit our GitHub repository.